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Dec 9, 2012 1:30am EST
to be. whatever, science, history will all be harder. maybe you get to nap without reading and maybe not. if your kids can't read well, some of them will not get through high school. if your kids can't read well, choices and opportunities in life will be limited. they're not going to have as many choices. but the cool thing about looks, the great and terrific thing is there's so many really good books out there for them to read. there's a lot of books that will absolutely blow the minds of your kid. you know, harry potter, terrific series. when the kids come and terrific illustrations. books about sports, fine. if you have boys, let them read anything. , looks, great, graphic novels, almanacs, cut books, share, why not. as long as they are reading because to get better at it. i'll go to schools and say who play soccer? who love soccer? the outcome of the. you better know? would play a lot. same with reading. he read more, get better at it. it gets easier. you read better books. you have something that you love. so i though the will to get that in your hands that notion we read in our hou
Dec 22, 2012 4:00pm EST
black president, bill clinton. [laughter] now, all little nap here for you. things start off at the white house and move along pennsylvania avenue toward the capitol which is on the right. there is a traditional copy of the white house the takes place. it's a big deal on the days when there's a transition from one president to another. it began in 1961, net was a year or allow these pictures were made available. you don't normally see these pictures. here's eisenhower and kennedy command at the same time you have four women together, and these four women actually were the first ladies of our country between 1953 and 1974. on the left that's eisenhower who was the of calling firstly with her back to us, ladybird johnson, jacqueline kennedy who became the new first lady in 1961, and pat nixon, the outgoing wife of the vice-president at that time. another thing that takes place on inauguration day one is a change of power is that by tradition yet going president leaves and of for his successor. this is the note. this would be the larger envelope that was left in the oval office
Dec 30, 2012 7:30pm EST
a nap, i understood this perfectly. and i began to talk to him, look, we've got to do something about the media because they found shoe. i found your comments are going to find you. and if what you want to do is take it easy today, i want to help you take easy today. and here's what i recommend. i recommend that the press attachÉ at the embassy set up a press conference at half-an-hour in the ballroom at the hotel, limit it to a half-an-hour. i'll do the interpreting and help set it up for an hour from now. i said though, i understand you're tired and you're just here to see the town really, but if we don't do that, they're going to be following us out of the town. the paparazzi would drive us crazy. but we don't do this since they disseminate to that. so he says okay. so i called over to the embassy and a set it up in later on it was really funny to be in his room when i put on the television when he was in the shower and was kind of funny, watching the preparation of the press conference downstairs in the same hotel, which is on the television set. kind of cool. i asked him, do you
Dec 15, 2012 12:30pm EST
that gas stations were probably taking a nap to draw the wrong kind of technology. just as though all these concerns about electronic medical records would sound like a good idea at the time but is causing innumerable headaches for doctors and patients eye now, when the government picks the technology it is often 90 to pick the wrong one. if the private sector does it at least the wrong technology will be a drain on the taxpayer and add to our trillion dollar deficit. there you are. >> thank you. i would like to known to which degree do you think that the united nations blueprint for the 21st century has contributed to the concentration of political power in the hands of the green lobby. >> well, the un has always been very encouraging of the green lobby. this screen job issue is not just an issue here in the united states. it is an issue also in your. it is being encouraged by the u.n. time being encouraged by meetings over the summer. but europe is also finding that green jobs are not all they thought that there would be. spain has just stopped its subsidy for solar power. a solar p
Dec 3, 2012 6:45am EST
of time and energy. i am going to take a quick nap. [laughter] >>host: >>guest: >>guest: this is so soft and cozy on both sides it will not be returned. >>host: only two dozen left in chocolate, two dozen left in ivory. all you need is a remote control and something to drink and you will never need to leave yourself up. seen that today's special, it is more than halfway gun. over 15,000 of these have been ordered, from deb guyot designs, your herkimerquartz stila el earrings. it is clearer than other courts. quartz . --the leg letto. now, what about a gift under $15?you can go to somebody's house and they will feed you entertain you. + bring something for them.a bottle of wine can be problematicthe scentaments crinkling holiday diffuser. it is in the red color you know it is snow globe has a snow flying. it has twinkling glitter. under $15 and free shippingexactly 378 of these left. mary beth byrd is joining us this morning. >>guest: these c13 out the door last time because of what tamara hooks said. it is the best hostess gift, stalking gift, a teacher is part of the s
Dec 8, 2012 9:00pm EST
-old boys nap made their task a lot easier. and essay contest identified two finalists. both boy scouts. they drew straws. the winner went home to tell his mother he had a week in which to pack and get the facts. he was required to keep a diary and mail a telegraphic report. another obligation which was to meet and charm the political which made him to a advertisement for the canadian railway. a book appeared in the following year. it's hard to tell how much is holmes own. his comment on meeting the press in london. the reporters were awfully witty and we a lot of fun. the news room pros in copenhagen had given the final shape. but for the 44 days he went around the world, he was the star of the show. the premise of the journey was that circumnavigation was the boy's adventure. a good but not dangerous test of the character. that emphasis reinforced by the introduction to the english translation of the book which was written by a grown-up, stating around the world, every one of us has made the voyage many times in the imagine naingses. the introduction made a point typical ferdinand mag
Dec 15, 2012 5:15pm EST
nap is most likely the psychopath. so parents never recognize they have a psychopath in the house. they knew eric was acting out. he got in trouble sometimes. they were having him see a psychiatrist, psychiatrist put him on do lot of. that wasn't strong enough. they put him on other things. they disciplined him strongly. they knew they had a kid acting out. they had no idea what. i want to though up another idea for people to consider. eric was gobbling up shakespeare writing papers on king leer and macbeth, he would write the most amazing apologies. picture, you have a kid he acts up and gets in trouble. when he explains himself he shows deep utter remorse. he quotes shakespeare in when he's talking to you and in king leer he learned a similar thing. you give a kid like that a latitude. you have a brilliant kid that seems to be doing well. he gets in trouble sometimes. they knew they had a problem child. what kind of parent thinks he acts out sometimes. i wonder if he's considering mass murder. >> did sue and tom recognize anything in dylan. >> they recognized depression. they kn
Dec 22, 2012 9:00pm EST
impasse on a piece of paper. ike took a nap and had an idea. ike's farm was close by. called his darnel, barbara, and told her to have the kids all spruced up on the porch of the farmhouse in 30 minutes. he brought him to meet them. ike's great insight about him was that he was a survivor. he survived hitler and stalin, after all. the kremlin leaders, ike said, were not early christian martyrs. they wanted to live. he was charmed and warmed by ike's grandchildren. he had grandchildren too. the next day after some more bickering, lifted the ultimatum on berlin, and the crisis passed. of course, it was not the end of the cold war or end of crisis. eisenhower was a great leader, but he was not perfect. he made mistakes. one of them was trusting the cia too much. in may 1960 on the eve of a summit conference in paris that ike hoped would be the beginning of true day taunt with the soviet union, the cia spy plane, u-2, was shot down over russia. the cia suppressed a study showing aviation missiles climbed high enough to reach the u2 leading ike to believe the pilot would never be captured, d
Dec 23, 2012 11:00am EST
of paper. but ike took a nap. he had an idea. ike's farm was close by. he called his daughter in law and told her to have her kids all spruced up and on the porch of the farmhouse in 30 minutes. he brought khrushchev to meet them. ike's great insight about khrushchev was that he was a survivor. he survived stalin after robert the kremlin leaders were not early christian borders. they wanted to live. chris childs was charmed and warmed by ike's grandchildren. he had grandchildren, too. the next day after samore dickering he lifted his ultimatum on berlin. the crisis passed. of course, it was not the end of the cold war or the end of the crises. eisenhower was a great leader but he was not perfect. he made mistakes. one of them was trusting the cia too much. in may 1960 on the eve of a summit conference in paris, ike hopes was the beginning of the coup d'État, the soviet union. the cia spy plane was shot down over russia. the cia had suppressed a study showing the soviet antiaircraft missiles can now climb high enough to reach the u2, atlanta ike to believe the pilot would never be ca
Dec 16, 2012 9:00am EST
.s. naval acadny at nap lows -- annapolis, maryland. we're now joined by richard ruth, a professor here at the naval academy. professor ruth, what do you teach? >> i teach predominantly southeast asian history, although i do offer courses in premodern asian history, mostly concentrating on thailand and vietnam. >> host: so why is it important? >> guest: the united states is still very much engaged in that corner of the world. we have many allies there, partners we're still working with, and many students at the naval caidmy are going to be officers who are going to go to southeast asia, and they're going to represent our interest there. so i think it's important for them to know southeast asian history, to be comfortable with the cultures and to have some knowledge of their histories. >> host: well, professor ruth, one of our longtime allies is thailand, and you've written a book called "in buddha's company: thai soldiers in the vietnam war." what role did their military play in the vietnam war? >> guest: thailand was actually a very close ally o
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10